bp medical settlement update

A Comprehensive BP Medical Settlement Update

In April 2010, there was an explosion in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico in which eleven people died and oil spilled on the expansive waters .The spill lasted for nearly three months.

A lawyer with the BP Company announced recently that failure to throw out an earlier lower court ruling which upheld rules relating to claims will give a leeway for companies to be overcompensated with huge amounts of Deep Water Horizon oil spill settlement claims and lead to cause the invalidation of private settlement claims. Several organizations filed the appeal in 2012 to seek redress in claims that their clients were either not included in the settlement or that they received very little in the economic and health claims which BP had agreed to The claimants numbered over 100,000 people.

BP Medical Settlement Update – Official Agreement

The BP oil settlement agreement was approved by a US District Court In 2012. BP contests the way Court judge Barbier’s decision was being implemented by the claims administrator Patrick Juneau. They particularly say that the way Mr. Juneau has been interpreting the agreement opens a leeway for companies and organizations that were not directly affected by the Deepwater Horizon spill to benefit from the settlement. This Bp says is unprecedented loss of billions of dollars from the scheme. Bp attorney further explains that there is an erroneous implementation process in progress in which improper to several law firms, some of which represent clients on other claims other than the Deep water settlement agreement.

bp medical settlement updateBP Medical Settlement Update, Compensation Proceeds

The settlement administrator declined BP’s attempt to delay the business class settlements in the process of appeal. He also declined the appeal against the business class rules.

BP’s attorney presupposes that the appeals court easily throw out the whole agreement on grounds that it was not implemented equally. He suggested that the settlement suit for the 5th Circuit be expedited because the court had already done the same for in the appeal against the business class rules.

Olson said that if the decision by the district court is upheld, the certification and settlement of the class issue would become invalid. He points out that the best option is to reverse the decision. Mr. Olson was once a Solicitor General in the G.W. Bush administration.

The attorney states strongly that if the rules prevail and consequently there is a delay before the annulment of the whole settlement, BP will have already released billions of dollars to ineligible companies courtesy of Barbier’s decision and the consequent administration by Patrick Juneau.

There is no allowance for repayments of already processed payments. Bp says that it had made payments of up to $ 4.2 billion by July 2013.It reports to have made payments amounting to over $119 million per week over the past three weeks.

However, BP’s appeal met opposition from the attorneys representing the clients. They also filed a motion to oppose Bps quest to speed up the case. The countersuit charges that BP failed to raise any objection to the agreement in the earlier decision by the lower court and thus lacks merit. The plaintiffs say Bp did not appeal nor support any parties who appealed against the agreement.

BP Under Legal Obligation to Honor Agreement it Crafted

The plaintiffs suggest that BP is under obligation to protect the terms of the agreement against alterations by way of appeal of misinterpretation. The lawyers for the claimants say that BP has gained because all the claimants who have already benefited from the settlement signed agreements not to file further suits against them. The claimants state that the matter before court as brought by BP is a variant furtherance of a case that the court had ruled over in a previous lawsuit. The 5th Circuit had earlier ruled against Bp in a motion they brought to institute an injunction in the settlement process as the suit against the class rules went on.

In its bid to ensure that the claims relating to the Deep water oil spill would not be marred by fraudulent attempts at compensation, Bp launched a hotline for reporting fraudulent incidents. In the latest Bp Medical Settlement Update, the move was basically to protect the integrity of the settlement process. The hotline calls could be made incognito.

Bp Medical Settlement Update shows that Bp has been meeting its obligations to the communities around the Gulf coast in settlement of their claims resulting from the Deep Water accident.

What the Deep Water Settlement Agreement Covers

According to sections of the agreement as revealed in the Deep water Oil Spill settlement agreement by BP, communities were to be compensated for the possible losses including loss of fish, loss of tourist revenue as estimated within the period in which the oil affected marine life around the area. Other settlements include loss of sea food revenues by hotels and individual sea food farmers.

Who is Backed Up By the Law in the BP Medical Settlement Update?

The Deep water act generally covers claims under any of the following three categories. People who are not defined by the clauses in the oils spill act of 1990 cannot make claims in the deep water oil spill of April 2010.

i. Individuals who not members of a class defined in the MDL No. 279 economic property damage class action settlement agreement

ii. Persons who are class members but have voluntarily opted out the class settlement in a valid and verifiable way.

iii. Individuals who are members of class action groups but wish to pursue claims that are exclusive and expressly reserved for them under the OPA provision.

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bp settlement

The BP Settlement

The BP oil company is on an onslaught against a district court judge who recently upheld the way the settlement scheme administrator was implementing the BP settlement. In the suit, BP had sought to stop payments to business claimants who they claimed were receiving fictitious claims and the company was losing money to fraudulent claims.

In an unprecedented attack on the district court judge, BP Company seeks to embarrass the district court judge after the fifth circuit court sitting in an appeal against judge Barbier’s ruling declared that the district court judge I need erred in his interpretation of the BP settlement agreement. The ruling was generally seen as an embarrassing dent on judge Barbier”s career. BP has now accused Judge Barbier of defying an order by the fifth circuit court. The company says that the judge failed to stop the irregular and disputed payments. This development is a rather strange development by an oil company of BP’s stature. Bps premise in its arguments before the court is that they are losing a lot of money to fraudulent claims and wants the courts to stop the disputed payments. They state that some of the beneficiaries are not class members and thus are not eligible for claims.

The BP Settlement is Fueling a Stampede

BP says that some legal opportunists have taken advantage of their willingness to compensate the deep water oil spill victims. The company claims that many lawyers representing claimants are soliciting for victims to make irregular claims. Many claimants they are coming up with are phony and do not merit compensation. BP has therefore put forth a spirited campaign to ensure they have their way and save their wallet. Critics say that the move could be suicidal. It is rare for corporate to seek to criticize the district courts in this fashion. The danger lies in the fact that the settlement case is not the only case by BP under review in district courts. Indeed, the same judge they have put under siege is set to preside over another of BP’s landmark cases.

BP SettlementBP is Willing To Tale the Plunge

It seems the BP settlement case is so much at the heart of BP’s management that noting else seems to matter any more. It is evident that BP knows all too well the implications of their actions but their bosses have asked them to surge on with their onslaught against Judge Barbier.

Perhaps BP settlement lawsuit is set to turn the tides and change the customs of legal administration in the country. However, it may also be observed that BP’s insurgence might have been fueled by the findings of a court appointed investigator who revealed that indeed there were glaring anomalies in the BP settlement payments as sanctioned by the payments administrator lawyer Patrick Juneau. The revelation by the court’s investigator must have elated bps management and has given hem confidence to proceed with their protestations.

BP Settlement Still on Course and is Fair

On the other hand the attorneys representing the claimants say that BP is not being sincere in the conduct of the settlement and payments to compensate the deep water oil spill victims. The agreement expressly bars BP from interfering with the settlement process. The plaintiff lawyers claim that since BP attorneys were part of and in fact were the chief architects of the agreement, they should be stopped from reneging on their legal obligation to provide settlement repayments to the victims of the disaster. According to lawyers Jim Roy and Steve Herman, BP has reneged on its principle role and obligation to protect the settlement agreement.

In the fifth circuit ruling on 3rd October 2013, the three man panel appointed by the fifth circuit court in New Orleans found the judgment by the district judge Carl Barbier’s ruling erroneous. The majority ruling declared that judge Barbier misinterpreted the agreement wrongly. One judge was of dissenting opinion and supported Judge Barber’s premise that the BP settlement was being implemented according to the consent of all parties concerned.

The panel sent the case back to judge Barbier for reconsideration. BP consequently took advantage and seeks a declaration by the fifth circuit that the judge failed to uphold the appellate court ruling in which all payments were to be halted pending verification of the genuineness of the claims. It is not easy to understand what BP hopes to gain from the possible and intended denting of the district court Jude. It remains to be seen how the district attorneys will react to this attack against a member of their ranks. Some observers say that BP could be assuming that Judge Barbie is a lone ranger and his influence on other cases may not matter much. On the other hand, they could be assuming that lawyers and judges are sober people and therefore each case is and must be treated on its own merit.

The Worst Accident in US History

The deep water oil spill is the worst oil spill accident to ever happen in USA. The incident was of such immense magnitude that even the reporting of the incident initially focused on the sideshows. The initial reports highlighted the intensity of the explosion and the size of the fire. Few people could have estimated the extent of the environmental damage that the accident caused. It was assumed that the blowout machines which were meant to clear out the spillage would work well and minimize the spillage. However, the machine did not work. The 700 000 liters of oil that spilled seemed to gain more currency that the 11 workers who had perished in the accident.

It was speculated that BP was trying to circumvent the appropriate compensation for the oil spill victims. It is reported that BP was initial asking the relatives of the victims to sign some agreements before they could release the bodies of the oil spill casualties to their relatives.

The president moved in and set up the GCCF program. Lawyer Ken Feinberg was appointed to head the compensation program. He was reputed to have effectively managed the compensations relating to the 9/11 terrorist incedent.

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deepwater horizon settlement

The BP Oil Company

BP Oil Company recently strongly raised objections to the payment it was obliged to make to an adult escort service. The robust fund was set up to compensate victims of the deep water oil spill that happened in April of 2010.

The adult escort service was paid $ 173 000 for lost income caused by the oil spill. The Gulf settlement program was highly faulted for this payment.

The company accuses the settlement plan of ignoring early warnings not to pay the escort service firm and defiantly pushing for the payment of the huge sum. BP says the gulf settlement program did not sufficiently investigate the claim sufficiently.

Publicity stunts by BP in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement

Critics also fault BP for spending enormous amounts of money in the smear campaign against the gulf settlement program. They point out that the full page advertisements about the $ 173,000 payout cost far more than the payout amount. The Deepwater Horizon Settlement plan has generated plenty of heat since its inception.

During the horrific accident, fireboats were used to put out the fire which had consumed Transocean’s deep water horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. These efforts were being made a day after the tanker caught fire. BP has constantly said that it has been forced by the Deepwater Horizon Settlement to honor claims amounting to huge amounts of money yet some of the claims are not justified.

The alleged payment in dispute is said to have been made without requisite documents to prove the authenticity of the claimants. This was corroborated by a court appointed attorney who was appointed to particularly investigate the claims of irregular settlements.

According to reports from Bp supporters and sympathizers, IRS did not approve of such claims but the gulf settlement program officials allowed it to be processed successfully. The news of objection was raised in the full page paid ad put up by Bp in one of the regular newspapers.

The Adult Escort Service Case, a Fraud of the Deepwater Horizon Settlement

The application forms from the adult escort service firm did not have the requisite signatures and dates as required by the settlement processing regulations. Yet, the settlement Agreement administrator proceeded to assert that they were valid.

According to Juneau, the claims administrator, the Deepwater Horizon Settlement was made after an agreement that involved Bp and the class lawyers. He further says that the payment was made following all the requirements in the settlement agreement.

The protest by BP is just one of the many bop has risen over the Deepwater Horizon Settlement. The oil company appealed against compensating the adult escort company but lost before a court appointed panel. However, there is a partial reprieve for BP following district court judge Barbier’s decision to stop all settlements to business companies and organizations. He also complied with a higher courts order to address issues concerning improper payments.

Other Deepwater Horizon Settlement disputes include that BP was raised include a particular lawyer whose certificate to practice was revoked in 2010 for the whole year but was compensated $172 253.

There was also the case a wireless phone store which had been closed before the accident. The phone store was allegedly paid $135,258.

A nursing home in Louisiana was paid $662,834 despite having closed down for a whole year prior to the Deepwater Horizon Settlement.

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deepwater horizon settlementThe Deepwater Horizon Settlement Is Bigger Than Mr. Juneau

Although there is a lot of focus on the administrator and the lead counsel from BP, the Deepwater Horizon Settlement goes beyond individual pride. There are over 3000 claimants who have across several Gulf States who pursue the claims. Until November this year, there were over 240 000 claims forwarded to Deepwater Horizon Settlement program administrator.

It is often difficult to leverage the moral obligation that BP has to honor with the need to continue a largely lucrative venture that the oil company only runs all too well. The claims of being fleeced of plenty of money via he alleged fraudulent claims is one that can be a sea saw of sorts. The damage which the oil miner tanker caused is, of course, irreparable. The lives of all the people who passed away in the course of the pursuit of more profits cannot be valued on any economic scale. In other words, Bp oil must realize that the biggest losers in the whole incident are the individuals who were directly and indirectly affected by the oil spill.

The argument of being directly or indirectly affected cannot hold because there is no proof or justification to suggest that either of the categories of people bears the brand of the misfortune more than the other. Although the people directly affected by such disasters feel the immediate strong devastating effects and often pass away in the catastrophe, some of the affected relatives, friends, dependents, and guardians of the mentioned lot endure long lasting pain traumas and economic slumps.

The best that BP should have done in the circumstances would have been keep mum about the whole event and tackle it from the corridors of justice. Splashing ads in newspapers may fuel anger and acrimony emanating from the effects of the oil spill. It does not mean that fraudulent activities including claims should be tolerated, but justice demands that we demand it with clean hands.

It is also not lost on onlookers that some of the revenue acquired by large oil companies can often be subject to questionable moral oversights. Communities around the world have been reported to be bitterly opposed to the operational modalities of oil companies.

BP should carry out the Deepwater Horizon Settlement with grace and avoid washing the dirty linen in public. One easily gets the feeling that, given a choice the company would stop all compensations altogether irrespective of its merit. This can be deduced by the fervent pursuit of amounts paid to some claimants.

One wonders how placing extravagant ads in newspapers saves them money anyway.

Having looked at the moral perspective, it is also crucial to examine the conduct of the claimants and administrators of the Deepwater Horizon Settlement program. It is not justified to process payments if there is a reasonable cause for possible errors or fraud. If it is true that the IRS indeed disproved of some of the payments made, the administrators should have heeded and ensured that there was sufficient justification for payment. However, as it is the matter is before court, we can only speculate as to the true state of affairs for now.

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BP Claims Update

bp claims

The History of BP Claims

After the deep water oil spill accident, president Barrack Obama set up the Gulf Coast Claims Facility to manage BP Claims for the victims of the worst oil spill accident in US history. The dependable attorney Ken Feinberg was appointed to head the administration of the repayment scheme. Ken Feinberg had gained acclaim from the way he had managed various compensation schemes in USA including the 9/11 terrorist victims. However, the deep water oil spill settlement proved to be a different cup of tea for Ken Feinberg this time. The Gulf Coast Claims facility was soon disbanded. Although there had already been payments amounting to thousands of dollars by the time the coast claims facility headed by ken Feinberg was disbanded, there had been accusations of an obstinate demeanor in the way the coast claims facility dealt with claimants. They were accused of being inaccessible.

BP Claims Halted By 5th Circuit Court

The quest for a balanced BP claims process was given new momentum upon the establishment of the Gulf Settlement Program. Little did anyone know that this would only be the beginning of another winding settlement process. It is from the Gulf Settlement Program that BP has raised the red flag over who actually is receiving compensation money. The cat has literally been set out of the bag. The scenario makes ken Feinberg of the previous compensation program feel relieved to have been removed from the centre of these complex compensation scheme. Bp settlement has become a can of worms no one wants to open.

Latest BP Claims News

In the latest developments, a fifth circuit court has granted BP settlement a new lease of life after it was declared that the district court erred in allowing compensation to businesses to proceed. In its prayers, BP says that there were cases of compensation to businesses, lawyers and claimants who did not merit such payments. BP has presented evidence of actual payments made to fictitious victims.

bp claimsOne notable compensation BP oil company sited in its disputes realities to an adult escort service company which BP claims had closed down its operations way before the deep water accident happened. The amount in question is said to be in excess of $170 000. BP Claims that the Gulf settlement program through its administrator Patrick Juneau proceeded to make the payment despite the red flags BP had raised over the authenticity of such a claimant. Bp further claims that the application documents from the adult escort service were not even signed yet attorney Juneau insisted on proceeding with the payment. Another notable case under the spotlight involves a health facility which had been closed for the whole period in 2010.The facility is said to have received in excess of $600,000 as compensation for the damages caused by the oil spill accident.

Looking at the whole development, it is easy to empathize with BP because indeed if the fraudulent compensations are actually taking place, it is an injustice to many more who are eligible for the compensation but have no way to prove their eligibility. This is the saddest angle to the whole scenario. It is not overtly clear whether BP claims are orchestrated to benefit the eligible victims or a designed to serve the selfish ends of the oil company.

The Procedure for Making BP Claims

In person seeking compensation from the deep water oil spill disaster can apply as an individual or a member of a group also referred to as a class. One cannot make claims on both fronts though, as a member of a class and an individual. Class membership allows you to opt out if you so deem fit. Some of the reasons for pursuing compensation as a class is to reduce the legal costs and provide a formidable body of evidence without much strain. The claims made by a class are usually easily to prove and justify since there are usually common grounds among the claimants. The losses are perceived to be similar and compensation is given to the class as a unilateral entity, although everyone is entitled to compensation as administered by the settlement administrator. BP claims can be approached in similar fashion.

On the other hand, you may wish to pursue compensation as an individual because of the unique circumstances surrounding your case. You may find that class claims may not address your losses adequately. It may however be slightly harder and sometimes expensive to pursue these claims individually since you have to foot the legal bills alone.

Claims under OPA are supposed to be responded to within a period of three months. If you application BP claims take longer than this, you can forward your claim complaint to US Coast Guard Stop 7100 (ca), 4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1000, Arlington, Virginia 20598-7100 for consideration. The NPFC may be contacted at 1-800-280-7118.

The Details of the BP Claims, Economic and Property Damage Settlement

BP entered an agreement with the plaintiffs on how the economic and property damage class action settlement would be implemented on April 18th 2012. The Louisiana District Court approved the settlement agreement on December the 21st 2012.If you need help concerning the specific provisions of this agreement you can reach us on a toll free number by dialing. We will be glad to assist you on the claim procedures and the pitfalls you are likely to meet in your quest to pursue your BP claim.

The BP claims program is professionally run. If you have acquired the services of an attorney to represent you in your claim, the program officials will only communicate with your attorney on matters pursuant to the claims. We also know that there are times when it is best to hear it from the horse’s mouth but you feel inhibited b the fact that you already have an attorney to represent you. If you wish to speak to us directly, you must then seek attorney consent to do so. There are forms for the attorney consent available over the internet.

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Updates on the Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement

The Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement is reserved for all residents that lived within a half a mile radius from the beaches that were marked affected by the 2010 oil spill. However, the residents should have been residing in the area between April 20th 2010 and September 20th of the same year. Residents who resided in wetland areas near the Gulf of Mexico within the time frame of April 20th 2010 and December 31st 2010 are also included in the Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement.

Other parties eligible to file claims to the Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement include workers who helped in the clean-up exercise aimed at reducing the oil on vessels, wildlife and the shores around the Gulf of Mexico.

These cleanup workers would have to have participated in the cleanup exercise between April 20th 2010 and April 16th 2012. The cleanup exercise lasted for quite some time hence the two year span.

How the Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement Came About

After the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, thousands of plaintiffs represented by their attorneys filed lawsuits claiming compensation for economic loss and personal injury. The personal injury claims stemmed from the health complications resulting from exposure to the oil and the chemicals used to disperse it.

The oil company was forced to set up a Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement to help victims of acute and chronic illnesses stemming from exposure to the chemicals in the oil and the oil dispersal fluid. Depending on the nature of the long term illness, an individual can choose to seek compensation and pursue a further compensation through an attorney. The Deepwater Horizon medical settlement is intended to settle medical claims arising from the 2010 oil spill.

Residential Areas Covered by the Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement

The areas that are covered by the Deepwater Horizon medical settlement include almost all of the coast of Louisiana, parts of the Florida Panhandle, parts of Coastal Mississippi and parts of Alabama.

Health Complications Eligible for the Deepwater Horizon Medical Compensation

Deepwater Horizon Medical SettlementThe Deepwater Horizon medical settlement covers health conditions such as severe respiratory complications, gastrointestinal complications, skin irritation, nervous system problems and eye complications.

If you suffer from these ailments and the complications started with the involvement of the oil cleanup exercise, then you are eligible for the Deepwater Horizon medical settlement. Tests to determine whether you were affected by the oil dispersal process or oil contaminants will prove your eligibility for a share in the Deepwater Horizon medical settlement.

Provisions in the Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement

The Deepwater Horizon settlement provides a 21 year periodic medical consultation to cover any individual that qualifies.

A health outreach program has a $105 million grant to improve the health care access of both mental and physical nature in the specified affected Gulf Coast areas.

Individuals who developed short illnesses or long term illnesses after interaction with oil contaminants and the chemicals used to disperse the oil qualify for compensation in the Deepwater Horizon medical compensation plan.

There is also a provision for a Back-end litigation option for any occurring future illnesses resulting from exposure to the oil contaminants and the oil dispersal chemicals.

There is a deadline for filing for a claim to the Deepwater Horizon medical settlement. After the Court granted final approval to the Deepwater Horizon medical settlement plan, the plaintiffs have a year to file for a claim. After a year, it may not be possible to pursue some benefits accorded to the individuals who may have been affected by the 2010 oil spill.

Seeking a Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement

In order to file a claim to the Deepwater Horizon medical settlement, you may want to seek the assistance of a qualified attorney to help you in the process of reaching the maximum settlement. Through your attorney, you can ask for additional compensation for injuries you think has not been met by the Deepwater Horizon medical settlement set aside for that purpose.

If you intend to file an individual lawsuit for illnesses that have developed as a result of exposure to the oil contaminants and the dispersal fluid used in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, you need a qualified Deepwater Horizon medical settlement Attorney to represent you.

Without a competent attorney, your case may crumble. As there is no assurance of recovery from Judge Carl Barbier, you may end up losing your resources, money, and time if you choose to be represented by an attorney who is not specialized in personal injury cases.

We can get you the Maximum Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement

The maximum Deepwater Horizon medical settlement possible for you is only obtainable if you are represented by a qualified attorney. Our team of experts offers you the most qualified attorneys in personal injury litigations. Choose a qualified attorney who identifies with your needs and will be able to anticipate how much compensation you will need in the future. Through such insight, you will be able to understand that the Deepwater Horizon Medical Settlement will not only benefit you, but your loved ones as well.

By seeking legal help to obtain your share of the Deepwater Horizon medical settlement, you are taking control of your health and securing your future. Why burden yourself with medical bills when you have the option of obtaining compensation.

Talk to us today and let us file a claim for you. We are here for you, but you have to act fast as time is not on your side. There is a one year period to file for claims once the final appeal is lifted.

We can be contacted at 1-800-BP-CLAIM. If you would like a review of your claim simply fill out our online form and we will contact you within 24 hours. If you also feel that you do not know where to start, and you suspect that your illness could be due to exposure to the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, complete our online form for a free review today.

We offer free consultations that enable you access to a qualified Deepwater Horizon medical settlement attorney. We have no hidden charges. If you receive no payments, neither do the attorneys. Call today and let us help you get compensation from a  Deepwater Horizon medical settlement.


bp medical settlement

BP Medical Settlement Information

After the court settles all appeal cases and grants final approval of the Medical benefits settlement, processing and payments on medical claims will begin. The approval of a partial settlement was done in January 2013, but there is no time frame on how long it may take for the final appeal to be settled. It is important to file your claim form before time elapses and you find yourself unable to get a BP Medical Settlement.

Who is included in the BP Medical Settlements?

Among the claimants included in the BP Medical Settlement are the clean-up workers, onshore responders, offshore responders, the decontamination team for response vessels and vessel of Opportunity participants. The above mentioned persons should have been in action anywhere between April 20th 2010 and April 16th 2012.

Other included claimants in the BP Medical Settlement are also categorized.

The residents who lived within half a mile radius of the specified coastal beaches between the months of April and December of 2010 are part of the qualified lot. These beaches are near the Gulf of Mexico where the oil rig collapsed and polluted the environment. The mentioned areas include the Florida Panhandle, Coastal Mississippi, Alabama and much of Louisiana’s Coast.

Eligible Cases in the BP Medical Settlement

The aftermath of the 2010 spill was a myriad of health conditions suffered by clean-up workers or residents who came in contact or inhaled the chemicals associated with the oil spill. The symptoms that have been reported by clean-up workers match those symptoms seen in the Exxon 1989 oil spill case. The cases present a pattern that links the diseases and conditions for oil spills.

They include:

· Respiratory problems

· ENT problems

· Skin Irritation

· Confusion

· Burning and lesions

· Short term Memory Loss

These symptoms and conditions are just a few of the reported cases. Other serious cases include kidney and liver damage; nervous system damage, hypertension and Miscarriages.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, various components of oil, especially crude oil present risks. Toluene, Benzene and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons found in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are known carcinogens. This means they are potentially cancerous. Mercury and lead found in oil is also toxic. Miscarriages and low birth weight are also linked to exposure to benzene and other chemicals found in oil.

BP Medical SettlementThe covered cases should have developed within a certain time frame defined by the after exposure to chemical dispersants and oil involved in the clean-up exercise.

There have been complaints of people feeling sick after swimming in the Gulf and visiting the beach. The visitors reported sore eyes, nausea, skin irritation and respiratory problems.

Workers in Louisiana have reported an increase in mental health problems. People in the affected area are complaining of an increase in stress levels, anxiety, depression, grief, suicidal ideation, excessive drinking and earlier drinking. All these health problems point their origin or pronouncement to the oil spill of 2010.

Among the effects on the residents of the gulf is an outbreak of skin rashes caused by the excessive use of oil eating microbes. While the bacteria might have been useful in the oil clean up exercise following the massive spill, the residents of the surrounding region became affected and they had to seek medical intervention.

The oil spill also exposed the residents to carcinogenic chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which cause cancer. The spill increased this exposure to carcinogens by 40 times.

BP Medical Settlement Phases

The US District Judge Carl Barbier approved the partial settlement for the medical benefits by BP. This was in January 2013. Claimants have limited time to file for individual BP medical settlement if the judge finally approves the medical settlements fully.

In addition to the medical-benefits portion, BP also agreed to set up a more than five year Gulf Coast outreach program that would benefit the residents of the spill area. The program would pay for all medical expenses associated with the spill. The lump sum set aside for the program reached $105 million and is set to continue until an unspecified date.

Other benefits provided by the BP Medical Settlement includes a periodic consultation medical program that covers claimants for the next 21 years. The claimant is also free to sue BP for a settlement in the event of developing physical illness stemming from exposure to oil and dispersal chemicals of the clean-up exercise.

The BP Medical Settlement has been agreed to in principal but it is subject to change pending a final agreement with BP PLC. Eligible individuals should contact a qualified attorney for legal help on the issue.

Where we Feature in the BP Medical Settlement

If you qualify for the BP medical settlement, you obviously require an attorney who is well versed with the medical and legal aspects of the lawsuit you intend to file against BP.

As a reputed law firm, we have the best attorneys who are qualified in getting you the maximum BP medical settlement in the lawsuit against BP. You can contact us through the number 1-800-BP-CLAIM or complete our online form. We can usually contact plaintiffs within 24 hrs.

Our attorneys will guide you through the legal jargon, explaining in simplified terms what will work for you and what will not. The link between the medical field and the legalities of your lawsuit will be explained to you in the simplest possible language in order for you to grasp what the case means to you. You will be able to perceive the weight of the matter and make an informed choice with the guidance of the attorney you choose.

We have always maintained a clean slate and have a reputation of excellent legal services. We have no hidden charges. All of our consultations are free and we only collect fees if we win your case. We are here to help you. Let us get you the BP medical settlement that you deserve.


bp medical claims

BP Medical Claims and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

BP medical claims are still trickling in long after the oil spill took place and the basic cleanup was done. This does not mean that the cleanup process has been finished but most of the murky water has cleared considerably and the most of the oil has been removed from Gulf beaches and shorelines.

However, despite BP’s efforts to contain the spill, residents of the Gulf of Mexico continue to suffer medical issues due to exposure to chemicals that were used in the clean-up process.  It is calculated that over 200,000 may have been medically affected by the oil spill.

How to start your BP Medical Claim

On January 11, 2013, the court approved the Medical Benefits Settlement Class and granted final approval to the Medical Benefits Class Action Settlement. Anyone who believes they may be eligible for a BP medical claim is now able to do so as the court ruling allows plaintiffs to ask for compensation.

There are two ways of doing so; through a class action or a Multidistrict litigation. A class action is limited in the settlements it disperses because of the mass of claims and the uniform settlements awarded. Plaintiffs also lack the luxury of hiring their own lawyers and instead contend with the lawyers available for the case.

In a Multidistrict litigation, the plaintiff is free to hire his or her own attorney for representation in court. The compensation sum is also not limited to a certain figure as would be in a class action suit. Hiring a private attorney has its own perks.

Case Symptoms in BP Medical Claims

The BP medical claims associated with the 2010 oil spill involve a series of symptoms as reported by the victims of the spill. The victims report that they experience the following symptoms:

· Respiratory problems

· ENT problems

· Skin Irritation 

· Confusion

· Burning and lesions

· Short term Memory Loss

These symptoms and conditions are just a few of the reported cases. Other serious cases include kidney and liver damage; nervous system damage, hypertension and Miscarriages and Cancer.

BP Medical ClaimsCorexit is responsible for most of the health complications associated with the oil spill. It is a compound that was widely used to disperse the oil build up in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the National Resources Defense Council, various components of oil, especially crude oil present risks. Toluene, Benzene and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons found in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are known carcinogens. This means they are potentially cancerous. Mercury and lead found in oil is also toxic.

Miscarriages and low birth weight are also linked to exposure to benzene and other chemicals found in oil.

Workers in Louisiana have reported an increase in mental health problems. People in the affected area are complaining of an increase in stress levels, anxiety, depression, grief, suicidal ideation, excessive drinking and earlier drinking. All these health problems point their origin or pronouncement to the oil spill of 2010.

There have been complaints of people feeling sick after swimming in the Gulf and visiting the beach. The visitors reported sore eyes, nausea, skin irritation and respiratory problems.

BP Medical Claims: History

The plaintiffs and cases, both of a medical nature and economic nature totaled to about 100,000 lawsuits.

The first trial that took place against BP was in August 2010 in a court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. It was a Multidistrict litigation that was not limited to BP medical claims. The trial was done under the admiralty law of the United States meaning there was no jury to weigh in on the decision. The case was presided over by US District Judge Carl Barbier.

It was established that victims of the BP oil spill who accept payment for final damages from a Claims facility on the Gulf Coast waive their right to sue the company. It is emerging that such claimants will soon be required to transfer their right to sue the other defendants involved albeit partially in the oil spill case to BP. Seek expert legal advice if you have taken part in this BP medical claim and find out where you stand on the BP medical claims case.

Settlement of BP Medical Claims

On January 2013, US District Judge Carl Barbier approved the medical benefits portion of the proposed partial settlement by BP. As long as there was documentation of health conditions that linked the disease to the oil spill, the plaintiff was eligible for compensation and benefits under the partial settlement.

A Gulf Coast health outreach program was also put in place by BP. The company estimated that it would spend about $105 million over a period of five years and more. The deal had no specified caps on the duration.

The oil dispersant COREXIT was the main reason for the health complications developed by the residents. While the dispersal move was necessary, there were consequences of the move that saw BP cough up an extra amount of money to handle the increasing medical claims.

We Handle Individual BP Medical Claims

By hiring a qualified attorney from our firm for representing your BP medical claim, you already have conquered half the legal battle. The remaining bit is for the attorney to prove his competence and grasp of the law.

Choosing to file for a BP medical compensation entitles you to benefits that reach into the future. You are securing your health. Without the assurance of heath in the future, you may lose more that your well-being. Loss of wages, potential loss of income, medical bills arising from oil spill-associated complications and other damages may be encountered. BP medical claims help you get the compensation to cushion any unforeseen incidents and prevent financial loss.

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Corexit and BP


An In-depth Report on Corexit

If you are familiar with the 2010 BP oil spill, then Corexit is not a new term. Corexit is a compound developed for the dispersal of oil especially in the event of mass spillage. The company is closely associated with oil drilling companies such as BP and Exxon.

The compound works by dissolving oil droplets and suspends them in the water and sea floor. Unfortunately, the compound is toxic and a study done in 2012 has shown that it makes oil about 52 times more toxic. An even sadder fact is that oil companies use the compound to dissolve oil spills causing serious pollution to the environment.

Corexit is used to prevent oil slicks from reaching the estuaries, shorelines, and other coastal waterways that harbor threatened ecosystems. Oil spills are treated by spraying the Corexit on the water surface. The compound will then break up the oil and suspend it in water or sink it into the sea bed. Corexit however leaves toxic compounds behind that find their way into seafood and eventually humans.

Environmental Impact of Corexit

Corexit is toxic and deemed a pollutant. Its effects are far reaching as is evidenced by the ecological change that has taken place in the Gulf of Mexico where the 2010 incident of oil spillage took place forcing BP to employ the use of Corexit in oil dispersal. Corexit has been found to be overrated in dispersing oil. It is only effective in reducing the murky color of oil slicks.

The move has since seen BP pay heavy penalty fines in court for pollution. However, this move is not enough and will never restore the balance that once existed in the ecology of the areas affected by the 2010 oil spill. Consequences of the spill have been evident over the years in the region around the Gulf of Mexico.

There is supporting evidence that Corexit is more destructive to the environment and to human health than the oil spill itself. There is also clear evidence that Corexit gave a false impression of getting rid of the oil but in truth it simply made the oil invisible yet much more toxic than the oil would have been on its own.

The Corexit dispersion has been found to interfere with the normal food web. Plankton that came into contact with the substance has also been affected and died. Coral life in the spill zone sprayed with corexit has also been affected. Corexit also takes a long time to wash away.

Corexit has been found to contain carcinogens. The carcinogens may show their effects in future generations through disruption of the endocrine system or genetic mutation. Only time will tell. The compound has also been linked to red blood cell rupture that eventually leads to internal bleeding. The compound also causes liver and kidney damage.

Corexit Litigation

corexitOn April 2012, a lawsuit against the US coast guard and the EPA was filed by three institutions; the Center for Biological Diversity, the Pacific Environment and the Surfrider. The lawsuit blames the respondents for failing to adequately carry out a research in order to determine the potential impact Corexit could have on the environment. However, in December 2012, US Distrist Judge Carl Barbier dismissed all claims as obstacles to federal law. This ruling upheld the use of Corexit for oil spill cleanup. However, the effects of Corexit could not be ignored despite the ruling.

Individuals have also filed lawsuits against BP for using Corexit which eventually led them to experience discomfort or fall sick due to exposure to the chemical. Citing the example of the Exxon Valdez case, there is evidence that people who worked with the dispersion are no longer alive. Most died before the age of 50. Corexit is mentioned as the main cause in this phenomenon.

Studies on Corexit

Corexit has been blamed to interfere with the food processing industry in the Gulf of Mexico region. Fishing in certain regions also has to be banned in order to prevent contaminated fish from ending up on the table as food. In a study to determine the bioavailability of Corexit to plants and animals, a Louisiana toxicologist, Dr. William Sawyer tested fish before the oil spill and after. Tissue concentrations for PHC were found to be high in fish that were tested for the compound after the spill cleanup by Corexit.

This showed that Corexit made it easier for the oil components to find their way into the tissues of plants and animals. Corexit makes PAC compounds, which can cause cancer, highly absorbable. The residue of Corexit is harmful to your health and by extension, to the surrounding ecology.

In April 2012, another study carried out by the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences at Louisiana State University found grotesque deformities and lesions in the general wildlife in the sea. Shrimps had no eyes, some crabs lacked eyes and claws too.

The media in the US ignored the story which was later covered in depth by Al Jazeera. BP ignored the story citing that deformities occur all the time in sea life but more tests pointed to the 2010 oil spill.

Corexit has been linked to serious pollution in the Deepwater Horizon area and the Gulf of Mexico. Despite information from BP, there is clear evidence of pollution and desolation in sea life where there was once a thriving population. Where the sea was once teeming with healthy creatures there is now a desolate wasteland. It is going to take some time to restore balance in the ecology of the spill area.

Attorneys in a Corexit Lawsuit

If you have been affected by Corexit, you have the legal right to sue for compensation. Corexit is known as toxic and it can alter your life by interfering with your health. BP already knows this and has set aside a settlement for you but you are free to sue for damages and personal injury that you feel might have been caused by the chemical, Corexit.

Contact one of our attorneys today and claim your compensation. You will be taking charge of your health by managing the possible chance of disease in the future.

We can be reached at 1-800-BP-CLAIM. You can also complete our online form today and we will be in touch with you in 24 hours. Our consultation is completely free of charge. Call today and let us handle your BP Claim against the effects of Corexit on your health.


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